Welcome, Unstoppable One!

I am Araya Divine your Certified UDRC Guide from Australia.

I am so Grateful you have made your way here to explore the support being offered through this 6-month UDRCircle.

It is my great honor to invite you into this New Paradigm of Recovery. 

If you are feeling called to be held in the support of a sacred circle as you deepen into your personal power and expand into a bigger version of yourself where all of you belongs and nothing gets left behind then this is for you.

If you are ready to fully own your greatness including your gifts held within your shadows then I look forward to meeting with you each month as you deepen into your path of recovery in this new paradigm of vibrational wellbeing and self empowered living.

Can you feel it?

The time is Now!

Together We are a Global Wave of Change!!

In this most Magical Moment I am riding this wave with you and holding Sacred Space for Your Journey with the reminder that We are Stronger Together! We are the Peace we seek!

I look forward to sitting in Circle with you.

Araya Divine UDRC, CCFC, AMPC

New Paradigms Call for Tools &


Just before New Year's 2019, Whitney Freya spent 20 hours in complete darkness. What she received was a message about how Sacred Geometry can serve as a bridge to connect us to new aspects of ourselves.

She also "heard" that we are ready to remember how to care for ourselves as Vibrational Beings.

The Meditation Practice offered to you in this book serves as a foundational element to our journey together in this Unstoppable Dream Recovery Circle.

In this 6-month UDRCircle…

…you will meet in our Shared UDRCircle Space on Zoom three times a month.

…you will explore the roles of frequency & vibration in empowering your life's journey.

…you will develop a Sacred & Personal Painting Practice.

…you will explore & grow to embody more of your own Sacred Feminine energies.

…you will have access 24/7 to online content with video lessons, inspirational teachings, writing and creative prompts & much more!

Come and Recover with Us......

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Watch this to get a feel for me and this Sacred UDCircle Space...

a glimpse inside the UDRCircle content...
  Welcome to YOUR Unstoppable Dream Recovery Circle
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  Illuminating SPACIOUSNESS
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  Illuminating LOVE / FEAR
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  Constellation Cards
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  Quantum Support ~ The Healy Frequency Device
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A New Paradigm of Recovery

Life’s Journey of Awakening into an ever expanding sense of Wholeness & Self Awareness can be seen as a Path of Recovery through Self-Empowerment and Creative Expression.

Recovery for me is a process of actually recovering from Life’s challenging times and reclaiming the parts of myself that have been bruised or left behind along the way.

This has become a creative practice of Focusing my Choices and calling back my Personal Power. I am choosing to be strengthened by the journey rather than held back & disempowered by victimization of stigmas or judgements or blame & shame ways of being.

Araya Divine UDRC, CCFC, AMPC

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How does this program work?

This program is a 6-month UDRCircle holding the energy of your Commitment to yourself to show up and be held in the Love & Support of our UDRCircle as you Empower and Transform your life.

As soon as you enrol, you will receive access to the content including information about our Live Zoom gatherings beginning in August 2024.

When are the Live calls?

We meet three times each month on Zoom beginning in August 2024.

There is absolutely No Experience required for you to benefit from this 6-month transformational experience.

Is there an option for 1-on-1 coaching?

Yes. We are a Global Collective of highly skilled and qualified Women offering a variety of products and services. Please reach out if you are requiring more personalised support.

Insight into the frequency of the new
CREATIVE paradigm...

In our creative practice, we will connect to the Sacred Geometric Symbols of the Flower of Life, leading into the source of all matter, Metatron's Cube.

Alongside this creative practice, you will learn a guided meditation to connect you to the "Six Spheres of Wellness," creating within and around you such a high vibration that any dream you receive HAS TO come true.

The secret to miracle making, dream manifesting & healing is to raise the vibration of your physical and energetic bodies to levels that attract high vibration, creative impulses from the quantum field. Like attracts like.

As you surround yourself with your "spheres" full of love, compassion, courage, alignment, gratitude and presence, and learn to align with these energies, you naturally begin to reflect the infinite nature of our Universe and become a co-creator with the quantum field.

And... of course, we invite you to Paint. You will create a mandala layered with your intentions and your Unstoppable Dreams!

...no specific or prior painting experience is necessary for this process...

Here are some examples of mandalas created by participants in this course...

This is for the woman who…

  • Hasn't "hit bottom" but knows there is more life and vitality awaiting her; or 
  • Who already has a recovery community but is seeking something to compliment it and take it to the next level; or
  • Has known for a while it's time to make changes but the existing recovery paradigms don't resonate; or 
  • Is reading this and feels a call without fully understanding why.

This is NOT for the woman…

  • Who is in an acute crisis.
  • Who requires medical / professional psychological attention.

This program isn't therapy or individual coaching.
IT is a Peer Led Group.
It is a soul level program where we evolve together in community.

Join Us in Circle Today...

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I am choosing a New Paradigm of Freedom and Wholeness.

I am so Grateful that Whitney and Tammy have created The Unstoppable Dream Recovery Circle and UDRCoach Training. It has given me a place to find my feet again after years of personal challenge and to Feel empowered within a group of women who are also going through their own process and ‘get it’ without ever really needing to be in the details. This is a wonderful gift to be held in a completely non-judgemental loving space with a focus on who we are becoming as strengthened by who we have been. Now I get to collaborate with these Amazing Women as an Unstoppable Dream Recovery Coach as we launch this global wave of support through the Unstoppable Dream Recovery Circles. Yay!!

Whitney Freya and Dr. Tammy Roth PhD
First launched in February 2020, The Unstoppable Dream Recovery Circle is initiating a New Paradigm for Women in Recovery as underworld experiences like addictions, divorce, trauma, grief, mental health conditions, chronic pain, injury, illness, isolation, burn out etc are transmuted into personal power with radical success. 

Founded by Tammy Roth, PhD and Whitney Freya, author of 30 Days to Unstoppable, the divergence from "normal" in the recovery world has been guided by the unwavering belief in the inherent level of mastery involved at a Soul Level of any woman on the journey of recovery. 

After 25 years of working with women in recovery, Dr. Tammy Roth knows that women in recovery tend to be HIGHLY creative and HIGHLY attuned. Their natural essence is one of a trailblazer, a non-conformist, a wayshower, an intuitive, a healer... as such, that essence was not received with love and encouragement by the people and institutions that have characterized our modern, western world… up until now. This vibrational pattern of the inspired disruptor, not able to resonate with the surrounding “traditional” energies, sought escape and ways to numb the trauma of not belonging.

The other unwavering belief is that we are here to transcend "victim consciousness" and learn to care for ourselves as vibrational beings in this lifetime. As women who are here to BE and CREATE the change we desire in the world, our underworld experiences serve as a powerful initiation SO THAT we can emerge right now with potent wisdom, compassion and a newly sourced self-love that IS transformative. 


Meet some of the Amazing Women in our Global UDRCommunity...

"The Unstoppable Dream Recovery has changed my life. Literally!!! Since a very young age, I had been doing “the work” to be the best version of me (therapy, self-development, spiritual growth, etc.) while still dancing daily in the underworld of the low vibration of addiction. While I had overcome many other obstacles and traumas, addiction was the one thing I couldn't seem to surmount.

Through Whitney and Tammy's groundbreaking program, I was finally able to release substances that I had been engaging with for over 35 years! I shifted limiting beliefs, destructive behaviors, and my inability to love myself and have self-compassion.  During the recovery work, with the support of my Unstoppable Dream Recovery Circle, I reclaimed my sovereignty, my dignity, the ability to trust and love myself, my creativity, and an unshakable inner peace.

The Unstoppable Dream Recovery Coach Training offered a safe, confidential, sacred space to connect, be seen, heal, and reclaim my heart, my power, and my divine feminine essence.

The Unstoppable Dream Recovery is for anyone seeking recovery from anything. It is more than just a recovery program, it is a guide to reconnect and recover anything that may be in the way of being your best UNSTOPPABLE self! I am honored to be part of the movement to share this amazing new paradigm with others and support them on their journey."

~ Kathy Greene, Unstoppable Dream Recovery Coach

"The Unstoppable Dream Recovery Coach Program came into my life with the utmost divine timing! I was very much in need of support on my recovery journey and this program was the answer I was looking for. Unstoppable dream circles provided me with grounding energy to stay rooted on my path, community to lean on for support, and guidance to face the shadows that surfaced. It is now giving me great purpose as I begin to share this healing medicine with others. I can't think of anything more rewarding than to support others on the journey of recovery. Whitney and Tammy, have created such a beautiful program that supports recovery from the inside out. Whether the source be substances, codependency, ancestral/familial trauma, etc., their program can benefit anyone walking this road."

~ Elena Weigand, Unstoppable Dream Recovery Coach

What I love most about this program is that ‘recovery’ means recovery from everything. So many women I have worked with have had powerful underworld journeys, whether it is characterized by substance abuse, divorce or money traumas, childhood experiences, old ancestral patterns, abuse, etc.  I have navigated just a few of these experiences myself, and have known the power of women sitting in circle together, but have yet to find or create just the right one for continued support on our journey.  As I sat in the Unstoppable Dream Recovery Circle with a group of amazing women, I felt a sense of belonging and a feeling of ‘coming home’. Finally, here was a structure that supports frequency and vibration as the foundation to everything! I already knew that when women gather together we hold an expanded energetic vibration for all. This is the powerful divine feminine energy radiating! And I had found the ongoing circle of support I had been searching for! I am so grateful to Tammy & Whitney for this beautiful program as the foundation that will help thousands of women around the world stay in their divine feminine power as the world shifts around us. And now I am incredibly excited to be offering these circles as an Unstoppable Dream Recovery Coach to other women on their journey. These are the circles we need radiating around the world!”

~ Janice Gallant, Unstoppable Dream Recovery Coach

"The Unstoppable Dream Recovery Circle will introduce you to a circle of women answering a divine call who are also committed to being a witness for all who enter this sacred space. The Spheres of Wellness connect you with the healing power to cultivate self awareness. You will embark on a journey to meet yourself with an empowering perspective while witnessing and holding space for others to do the same.  

For several years after the onset of autoimmune illness, I experienced a living loss. My life and the world as I knew it no longer existed. In an attempt to adjust to my new reality, I continued to pour out precious time and energy into people, places, and situations that were no longer serving me. The battle for my health and life balance became my entire life. After a major surgery leading to a health crisis, I realized that this autoimmune illness was truly a call to reawaken parts of my soul that were frozen with grief and trauma. I was gifted a vision, a calling on my heart to return to the wisdom of the ones who came before me. Yet, I felt as though there was an invisible block in my body, in my heart, and in my energetic being that needed to be cleared in order to ground my vision. I prayed for community and safe space to explore healing through a creative process. The universe answered in its own divine time. I found Whitney Freya and began a sacred painting practice and the vision became a little more clear. When I watched Tammy Roth's video sharing the opportunity to join The Unstoppable Dream Recovery program, my soul nearly leapt out of my body!  In just a few months, the invisible block I felt for years had lifted. I reestablished an embodied sense of sovereignty. I found my voice. I learned to cultivate sustainability shifting from habit of self depleting to serve and love others into the habit of making the refilling of my chalice a priority. I became the vessel, wrote my love language, and began to live my purpose. If I can do this, so can you.   

By stepping into the offerings of The Unstoppable Dream Recovery Circle, we are collectively committing to grow our belief that we are warriors of change tasked with creating and cultivating wisdom from the paths behind us in order to forge and create space for others to do the same. The ripple effect will be felt for generations to come. Welcome to the new paradigm. It's an honor to be a witness to your journey. "

~ Jamie Ryeland, Unstoppable Dream Recovery Coach

"The Unstoppable Dream Recovery Circles came into my world at just the right time. I was several years sober from alcohol at the time, but was experiencing another chapter in my underworld journey as my 28 year marriage was coming to an end. My codependency, people pleasing, and lack of boundaries was front and center. I was learning that I was in recovery from “all the things”. Sacred geometry, specifically Metatron's Cube, provided the foundation I needed to navigate one of the most challenging times of my life. The spheres of wellness (love, compassion, alignment, courage, presence, and gratitude) were the cornerstone of the weekly calls that I landed upon to ground and stay centered. Being in the energy of like-minded individuals who hold such magical space is truly the most precious gift I have received in my recovery. Thank you to Tammy Roth and Whitney Freya for a program that is to shift the paradigm of recovery. The time is now!

~ MaryBeth Murphy, Unstoppable Dream Recovery Coach

Will you Join us??

We are looking forward to meeting you and sharing this Sacred Circle Space with you.

Come and Recover with Us...

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Araya Divine UDRC, CCFC, AMP

We are Stronger Together...
Will You Join Us?

It is now my Great Pleasure to have the opportunity to collaborate with these Amazing Women as an Unstoppable Dream Recovery Coach as we launch this global wave of support through the Unstoppable Dream Recovery Circles.

I hope to see you soon!