Sacred Feminine Aspect of Spaciousness

The Sacred Feminine Aspect of Spaciousness

Each month we will explore the Sacred Feminine for insights into the Initiation energies of each of the Spheres of Wellness, their light and their shadow. We are reuniting with our own Sacred Feminine as we go deeper into these archetypes and the wisdom and power She can offer us. She is you. You are Her. We simply were not taught about the Sacred Feminine growing up, hence as girls and women we have felt out of place, disempowered and/or misunderstood. There are no victims in our space here. We chose to play a cosmic game of hide & seek, perhaps so we could experience the joy of rediscovering how powerful and magical we truly are as an embodied woman at this point in space, time history... or should we say HERstory!


Musings from Whitney Freya

Spaciousness is connected to time and potential. There is a chapter in Rise Above dedicated to Spaciousness, in which we re-discover three ways to bend time. I remember learning about the difference between chronos time (the linear, masculine structure) and kairos time (ah-hah time, feminine in nature). The Greeks had a name for both, acknowledging that time behaved differently when dancing with your inner muse, as opposed to the progression of a 24 hour day.


One of the most beneficial musings around time for me has been around cycles. As an example, we are often encouraged to set an intention to do _______ (yoga, meditation...) every day, once a week, etc. For me, I seldom stick to a linear pattern. I tend to go in cycles. AND when that familiar voice chimes in, "I haven't painted, exercised, meditated... enough lately," I now hear it from the more feminine voice as, "I must be coming up on a painting... cycle." We live on a round planet that cycles around the sun, with a moon that cycles through the night sky, with trees that shed their leaves in a cyclical nature. Why am I expecting myself to follow a linear path? Boom! I find that I don't beat myself up for NOT doing something and, instead, begin looking forward to the new cycle. Nut has been my guide in this aspect. She swallows the sun each evening and births it afresh each morning. She is the sky, the spiraling galaxies. She IS the cycle.

Creating Space for Others

When I left my marriage in 2012 and got to live in my OWN SPACE (!!!!) I got to know the goddess Bhuvaneshwari through Sally Kempton's book, Awakening Shakti. Bhuvaneshwari is the Goddess of Creative Infinite Space. It is the principle of how empty space has endless potential to create new life. It is the womb, the blank canvas, the chalice... And we can do this, in our Sacred Feminine power, for others. We can create space for a sister's healing by creating safe, supportive space. This space doesn't require objects or matter (even like expertise or right answers), only the energy of possibility. You know how great it feels when you share a new, exciting vision you have with a friend and they lean in and encourage you to share more. She creates space. I am positive you also know how it feels when you share a similar vision with someone who responds by questioning why you would want that, how it will never work, you're being naive, etc. I love, love creating space (I'm a Cancer) for like-heARTed souls to gather, connect, share, explore, remember... I bet you do too!

As we get to know these qualities of the Sacred Feminine, we get to know ourselves! Thank you for reclaiming MORE of who you truly are. May all sentient beings benefit. And so it is. ~Whitney Freya

The card spread above was pulled during the "channeling" of this course. We have been committed to creating this program differently from the mainstream way of building a business. Sacred feminine energy guided and affirmed us along the way.

Musings from Tammy

This entire process being in this UDRC is about creating space before creating anything else. Energetic spaciousness is the most important "requirement" of this program. We are reprogramming our minds and our cellular memory.

We are remembering our true essence which is incredibly spacious and the opposite of the "push, effort, no pain/no gain" culture of our history. As one of your guides, I am very familiar with the energy of the productivity oriented culture and I am committed to helping us all drop to the slower pace and natural flow that Clarissa Pinkola Estes calls the "River beneath the river." This will challenge you to listen to your body over deadlines. It will invite you to notice your energy instead of the calendar. And most of all it will ask you to trust and surrender over "making something happen".

This spaciousness is also about being willing to take up space and be seen! Our underworld experiences have often required that we hide and not take up space. It's time to reverse that as well. We are called to tap into the spacious, generous, prolific energy that is the feminine. In this spacious container we'll begin seeing ourselves in the vast ever expanding energy that is available to us and we'll also witness and celebrate each other. When one of us takes up space, we all do. We will be reclaiming the synergy and collaboration of the sacred feminine and giving last rites to the toxic feminine that competes and compares.

This is a spacious new paradigm of recovery.

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