Meeting Invocation

Meeting Invocation

This is The Unstoppable Dream Recovery Circle Invocation that is spoken at the beginning of each Group Call.

Welcome to the Unstoppable Dream for Women in Recovery group. This is a group for women recovering from anything that has taken them to the underworld and who are ready to claim their sovereignty, practice self love as well as access life force energy through creativity, community and the quantum field.

To keep this an emotionally safe space, we practice complete confidentiality and ask for no interrupting, rescuing others, or advice giving. This is space for our individual inner wisdom to surface and personally guide each one of us.

There is an invitation to view all triggers as portals to freedom. The trigger is a part of you that still exists in the shadow realm and is asking to be transformed in the light. In your sharing, get curious about how the trigger is here to help. Triggers typically carry the vibration of victim consciousness and every opportunity we take to heal this vibration affects us all. We are also aware that we are living in an expansive yet divisive time. Let’s assume that we all come with different beliefs and values about what is occurring in the world right now AND that we can still be sisters in recovery, express authentically, hold our perspectives without villainizing the other and rise above to higher states of consciousness. 

When sharing please stay focused on your feelings rather than going into stories about world events. When listening, know that you may be triggered and again, use it as a practice to take responsibility for your triggers and breathe through. We have a beautiful opportunity to practice respect, inclusivity and experience CONTRAST when our world views don’t align. We are wise women and we are here to connect on a higher perspective which is being empowered and living our most creative lives. 

And, finally we ask if you are experiencing crisis or significant distress that you agree to reach out for a higher level of care than is provided by this community.

Now, let's check-in. Share about your recovery, creativity, spirituality as well as celebrations and challenges.

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