🌈 Welcome & Supplies 🌟

🌼 Hello and Welcome to the Divine ART Shine Connective Community 🥰

💕 I am so glad you have chosen join me for this Intuitively Guided Sacred Creative Practice 🌸

💕 Surround Yourself with What You Love...

We LOVE to layer over and over building up the ENERGY of LOVE and PLAYfullness through our Sacred Painting Practice.

We can use All our Favourite Supplies or Whatever we have available to us and this can vary each time we show up to our Practice!!

It's all part of the CreARTive process and Allowing our Intuitive Flow to guide us!

As we develop our painting practice we Remember we can Paint OVER Anything WITH Anything ON Anything!

AND it is in this process of layering that we Invite In the Energy & Freedom of Sacred Play allowing us to RELAX & Practice TRUSTing the Process!

💕 Truly, whatever supplies you have on hand will work!

We do especially LOVE to use Acrylic Paints as they dry quickly and this supports the layering of all the Energy we are building up while we paint.

Water colours, Flouros, Metallics, Glitters and Paint Pens are all so much fun to play with. Have Fun... remember its all a Practice!

Comment below with any questions.

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