💖 Introduction & Sacred Opening 🌸

It is my Intention that this Intuitively Guided Creative Exercise will help you to Soften & Deepen into your Sacred Personal Painting Practice.

As we focus on Honouring the Divine Feminine Goddess within and all around us we are Attuning ourselves to our Natural Flow of Loving Life Energy and Inviting In more of our Awareness around this Everpresent Loving Energy that is Supporting & Guiding us within each moment.

As we Open Up & Soften into this Sacred Practice we Increase our Flow of Calming Restorative Energy and this ripples out through us into the World around us for the benefit of all of Life.

Thankyou for Being here with me. I am so Grateful to be in this practice with you.

....May LOVE BE All Ways as our centre... and May PEACE BE everpresent with All We Create...

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